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GIF Modul Kft.
2170 Aszód, Falujárók útja 40.
különféle szolgáltatásokat kínál, többek között Massachusetts, including
  • Autóépítés
    • emelőgép
    • daru
    • kosaras autó
    • konténeremelő
    • felépítmény
  • Szerviz / Karbantatrás
    • Daruk szervizelése, karbantartása
    • Emelőgépek szervizelése, karbantartása
    • Egyedi haszongépjárművek tervezése


A good relationship with our customers ensures that we can monitor our products after the handing over. Our works is not finished after the truck building, because in this case begins to ensure the maintenance and service backgrounds which necessary to the immaculate operation. The optimum performance is ensured by the service center of GIF Modul Kft. which represent some world-class manufacturer. In addition to the represent manufacturer we assume any type of:

  • Loader crane,
  • Truck mounted or self-propelled aerial platform,
  • Forestry or recycling crane,
  • Hooklift or skiploader,
  • Other hydraulic lifting equipment
  • Maintenance, necessary repair, condition survey and renovation.


Opening hours:

Monday – Thursday:    7.30 - 16.30

Friday:                       7.30 - 14.00

What GIF Modul provides as a service center:

  • Purposeful, periodic maintenance, which is the best way to the successful and continous operation of a lifting equipment, without stops and unexpected failures. The fast and accurate implementation of the preventive maintenance which ensures long term results.
  • In spite of regular maintenance failures can occur also, which cause stops thereby loss of income for the operator company. Our service performs these necessary repairs as soon as possible, thus minimize the loss.
  • We and our manufacturers recommend to use factory spare parts and to perform the installation by the dealer. This ensures the longevity of the equipment. We ensure factory spare parts in short deadline by the direct access of spare parts warehouse of the manufacturers. We have adequate experience in substitution of unique, special spare parts..
  • We are able to make any hydraulic hose in short deadline by our hose crimping equipment. We offer wide range of high quality hoses, fittings and valves.
  • Our colleagues are able to perform the ordered maintenance or necessary repairs anywhere in the country by our service cars.
We get informations about developments and the latest technological innovations directly from the manufacturers, so the up-to-dated knowledge of our colleagues can be ensured by continous tranings. Therefore You are able to expect our professional work, that is guaranteed by our experienced specialist and by our technical readiness.

Our service cars:

We assume the necessary repair, renovation of manufacturers we do not represent in high quality:

Hose crimping equipment: